Barbara Westbrook on Modern Interiors

Designing a home in New Zealand turned out to be a wonderful adventure! In this issue of Workbook, before and after photos show this project's dramatic transformation. The ever stylish Ryan Hughes answers questions about modern design. Then, Jeanne Lyons Davis profiles Kevin Reilly and his talented craftsmen in "Inspired By."

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FEATURe story

New Zealand: Before & After

"Before and after photos are seductive because they're so hugely informative. Seeing changes side by side - mini-chapters in a primer of what to do and what not to do - is clarifying.” Heather MacIsaac has outlined 10 design lessons to learn from our renovation that reflect Westbrook's design process.

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Our Love / Hate Relationship with Modern Interiors

What piece should be in every modern interior? Ryan Hughes, owner of the eponymous showroom, R HUGHES, answers this question and a host of others.

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Inspired by

Kevin Reilly Lighting: A Bright Idea

Road trip! Jeanne, Elizabeth, and Barbara travelled to Montgomery, Alabama to discuss lighting, photography, gardens, and wire sculpture with Kevin Reilly, craftsman, gentleman, and entrepreneur.

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