Barbara Westbrook on Books at Home

Welcome to summer! Hot and humid yes, but also a season offering time for books and escape. In our summer issue of Workbook, I wanted to explore all the ways we live with books.  We chatted with three wonderful Atlanta icons, Susan Rebecca White, Steven Satterfield and Katie Barringer. We traveled to Virginia to visit my friends at McKinnon And Harris. And Heather MacIssac, my co-author of Gracious Rooms has penned a gorgeous essay on Life With Books. Of course, there are lots and lots of photos…

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FEATURe story

Life with Books

“No other object in the house is so loaded with meaning and so capable of carrying us elsewhere. A book is a window and a door. Whether fiction or non-fiction, art book or cookbook, it offers a glimpse of another world and a path for us to travel, into the past, the future, or simply some place we are interested in knowing.” Heather MacIsaac co-wrote Gracious Rooms with Barbara, and now she’s written this beautiful essay, Life With Books.

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Books We Can't Live Without

Can a conversation be both bookish and a blast? The answer is yes. Our Q&As with three Atlanta superstars, Chef Steven Satterfield, novelist Susan Rebecca White and bookshop owner Katie Barringer were loads of fun. Where do they keep their book collections? Do they judge a book by its cover? Which books fill their hearts and homes?  They tell us in this summer issue…

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Inspired by

McKinnon Harris: A Novel Idea

A few weeks ago, writer, Jeanne Lyons Davis flew to Lynchburg, Virginia and brought us back a beautiful story. A Novel Idea is the tale of McKinnon And Harris, a multi-generational epic filled with the best taste, finest craftsmanship and the most luxurious furnishings for lawns and porches. If you’ve ever seen Anne and William Massie’s outdoor furniture, you know the plot of this story…

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