Barbara Westbrook on Creating Vignettes

Welcome to our sophomore issue of Workbook. For our Winter Issue I decided we would focus on being focused. Because in design, a vignette is just that – focus. It’s a moment in time, a setting, a memory, a story unto itself. So we had some fun. Sarah Baird, a beautiful writer, waxes poetic about the technique, we conducted a vignette experiment, and of course there are flowers. Oh…let there always be flowers!

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FEATURe story

A View Into a Life

Sarah Baird says, “…through a well-crafted vignette, you’re not just in someone’s home — you’re a part of their life. In the right circumstances, the intricacies of their world spread open like the petals of a flower, revealing itself bit by bit.” Oh, I love that. She’s so right. Here, find her take on the word “vignette,” and a few of its many meanings. Her essay is quite beautiful.

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Still Life. Three Takes on the Vignette

What happens when you ask three friends to create their version of “the perfect vignette?” Oh, and how about we ask everyone to meet at my office, one at a time, on the same day and choose from the same ingredients. Yes, for this issue, we launched the great vignette experiment. I hope you like the results. It was a day filled with beauty and joy which also resulted in a really fun Q&A.

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Inspired by

Pollen: The Art of Flowers

If you know about Pollen, you love them. Or maybe, you haven’t heard of Pollen at all. Either way, we wanted to share their story. Bonnie Garrison and Chris Condon have a flower shop in Buckhead that’s rather magical. Bonnie’s flowers? Art. Art that often makes it way into my vignettes…

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