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I'm So Glad You’re Here.

by Barbara Westbrook

Barbara Westbrook for Workbook

Barbara Westbrook for Workbook

Cat with a Plan - Workbook

On a misty New York day last November, I had an epiphany. I do not have epiphanies very often - maybe once a decade - so I decided to really mull this one over.

I had just finished a round table discussion at the Design Leadership Network Summit in the Hearst Tower. There, a prominent magazine editor had graciously led the conversation. As I contemplated the two days of amazing speakers and what was said, I realized two things. First, I needed to embrace technology in a more substantial way and second, our projects did not always fit into what a magazine editor needed to complete an issue. How could I utilize technology in a way that would allow us to share more of our ideas, projects, and cool stuff?  Pinterest had exploded and everyone was on Facebook. But, what I really loved (and still do) is gathering around a great photo or magazine with the girls in my office and sharing our love of design whether it be a great pair of shoes or new sconces. So I started looking around for a team of talented folks to help me create Workbook. Something those interested in design would want to frequent for stories about our work and the work of others. Yes, Workbook was created as a result of my epiphany in New York.


In the Fall issue, we have three segments to share with you. First, since Kitchens are always the favorite room in the house, I want to share some of our most recent Kitchen designs and details. During the holidays, everyone spends more time than ever in the Kitchen and it is a wonderful luxury to have one that is charming and well appointed no matter the size. Also, I love almost anything sweet and baked the old fashioned way. Audrey of Tiny Buffalo Baking Co. creates simple yummy pastries that remind me of those Saturdays baking in the Kitchen with Mom. Audrey also whips up killer caramels that the editors at my most recent Rizzoli meeting devoured. Finally, in every issue of Workbook, we plan to share our Worktable. In our office, Worktable is where inspiration and creation are staged. I hope you’ll be inspired. Most of the images are pinnable so (please) help yourself to our photographs taken by some of my favorite photographers.

Again, thank you for joining us. Enjoy your November, and we’ll be back soon with a holiday edition.

Until then,

— Barbara

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